Picks in for MLB Games on 7/29/2020

How To Bet On Sports In 2020 in Florida - South Florida ReporterNow that the MLB is back I can finally get back to my tried and trusted formula for MLB sports bets. I have devised a formula for 6 team parlays spread out over 16 tickets. I bet $5 per parlay bet at 16 tickets for a total of $80 invested.

Last year I successfully turned $2 paylays into hundreds of dollars in returns. Soon, I will begin to offer a donation feature if you’re interested in my picks!

Today, my return ranges from a low of $107.20 to a whopping maximum of $429.50. I’ll chime in later with an update on how I did with my cards. With me, it’s all or nothing.

I’ll either lose $80 or I’ll win a minimum of $107.20. 


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