The Vegas Guy 6 Team MLB Parlay Returns 35x!

I can’t say it enough, I’m extremely happy that baseball is back. It allows me to use my 6 team parlay formula to make quick cash on MLB games. Take for instance the return I had last night. I bet $5 on this ticket and won a whopping $175.65! That’s a return of over 35 times my initial investment! 

I’ll be back at it today with my picks and you can be clued into my picks by donating $10 at the Paypal link to the side of the page. Or, you can pick two teams that you guarantee will win and I’ll send you 12 tickets of 6 teams. If your two teams win that you pick you’re guaranteed to win something! I don’t just give away money for free, who would do that?

The Vegas Guy 

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