The Vegas Guy Hits A Bonus On Buffalo Grand at MGM Grand Detroit

So when I ventured to the MGM Grand Detroit on Monday,  August 17th, 2020 I decided to play my favorite slot machine of all time, Buffalo. Now, I’m not saying Buffalo Grand is my favorite because I hit a jackpot worth more than $17,000 two Septembers ago, or that I hit a $13,000 jackpot on it on my birthday some 5 years ago…but that may influence my decision when picking a favorite.

So, here’s some video of TVG (that’s me) hitting the bonus of Buffalo Grand. Side note, I legit thought I hit $3.75 for the max bet, but I must have simply hit the “play” button and the bet was at the default $.75 denom.

Either way, a win is a win and a bonus is a bonus. Sit back and enjoy the video.

– The Vegas Guy

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