TheVegasGuy MLB Returns 29x’s On 6 Team Parlay

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I posted yesterday how I was glad MLB is back so I can dip into my tried and tested formula for 6 team parlay bets.

Well, in true fashion, I had a $5 parlay that cashed in for $145.25 cents as evident by my scratchy hand writing in the picture included with this post.

In actuality, I bet 16 parlays at $5 a piece for a total “in” of $80. My return would have been $65.25 after factoring in my initial investment of $80.

Still, a win is a win. What’s more? If the Astros would have beat the Dodgers last night, I would have more than doubled my initial $80 investment and would have walked out with a cool $194.90. 

I’m back at it tonight and I’ll post my results tomorrow. If you’d like to get in on the fun you can donate $10 using the PayPal link to the side and I’ll send you all 16 of my parlay slips. While nothing is guaranteed, I win far more than I lose and the returns are plentiful!

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